30 Braided hairstyles with loose hair, easy and quick to do

On this occasion we will give you 30 braid hairstyles with loose hair, easy and quick to do. For multiple occasions, to go to a party, to go out to dinner or even to use every day. Choose the one you like the most and do it.

1. Double stitched braid

Beautiful double braid made on the root of the hair, located in the center, finishing the hairstyle with two pigtails and the rest of the loose hair.

2. Double braid sewn in a row along the hair

Double braid made on the root of the hair, following both braids throughout the hair.

3. Quadruple Stitched Braid

We can see quadruple braids made from the middle of the hair to the sides diagonally. Finishing the lock of hair with the braid and leaving the rest of the hair loose.

4. Double Side Braid

Double braid made in the front of the head, oriented to the side. Leaving one of the parts of the head with the hair completely loose.

5. Braid «crown»

Braid made at the front in the form of a "crown", surrounding the circumference of the head.

6. Double Sewn Braid with Combing at the End

This hairstyle consists of two root braids done in the center of the head. In the lower part of the hair, a hairstyle is made using hair elastics.

7. Diagonal Waterfall Braid

A beautiful diagonal waterfall braid, which creates a relaxed and elegant look at the same time.

8. Braids on the side of the face

As we can see, this hairstyle is very simple, you must take the first strands of hair and make a braid on each side.

9. Dutch Braid

Here we can see a beautiful Dutch braid on the left part of the head.

10. Quintuple Stitched Braid

Beautiful quintuple stitched braid, uniting all in a final ponytail.

11. “Messy” Braid

This "messy" look gives a fresh and youthful impression.

12. Basic Braid

This hairstyle consists of two basic braids joined at the back to end them in a single ponytail.

13. Side Sewn Braids

Here we can see four braids sewn to one side of the head, decorated with rings.

14. Headband Braid

The headband braid is ideal to avoid having hair on your face.

15. Multiple Braids

This look is made up of different braids of different sizes intertwined with each other.

16. Basic Braids Into Pigtails

To get this look you must make two pigtails and make basic braids in them.

17. Side and Horizontal Braid

Here are basic two-way braids, two horizontally attached at the back, and one vertically.

18.Zigzag Braid

Beautiful zigzag braid that runs the entire length of the hair.

19. Herringbone Braid

Two spike braids joined by a ponytail at the back of the head.

20. Sewn-in Braid with Bun

Beautiful braids sewn with a bun at the end of them.

21. Woven Braid

A gorgeous woven braid finished in two pigtails.

22. Back Dutch Braid

This hairstyle features a Dutch braid that crosses diagonally behind the head.

23. Stitched Up Braid

We can see four sewn braids made from the bottom of the head towards the center of it.

24. Heart Braid

Two basic braids are made at the top and back of the head to form a heart with them.

25. Double Back Braids

Two basic braids directed back and towards the middle of the head.

26. Waterfall Braid

Beautiful waterfall braid done diagonally.

27. Waterfall Braid with Basic Braid

Beautiful waterfall braid finished with basic braids.

28. Basic Braided Hairstyle

A hairstyle should be made in the center of the head with rubber bands and basic braids are made in the chosen strands.

29. Basic Braid with Strands Outside

Original basic braid that contains strands on its sides.

30. Basic Braid Updo

This braid consists of taking several strands of hair and making a basic braid with them at the back of the head.

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