30 long haircuts with bangs

If you have long hair and want to change your look but still don't know how, we bring you the best 30 long haircuts with bangs so that you can observe each one of them, see which one you like and make that change of image that you want so much.


Classic straight bangs, it has volume but not in great quantity, ideal for those more classic women.


This beautiful fringe has the characteristics of being to the side and having a length above the eye.


If you like to keep your bangs long this is an option for you, you can cut it to the side and leave it as long as you want.


Here we can see a quintessential curtain fringe, it is open in the center and its length reaches the cheekbones.


Here we can see a baby bang or micro bangs with a considerable length, it should only reach a little above the eyebrows.


This micro fringe is located well above the eyebrows and its particularity is that it is blunt.


This type of bangs is characterized by being long to the point of obstructing vision.


Here we find a blunt fringe, with little hair and with a length that reaches the eyes.


This fringe is only for those who like to take risks, it is a pointed fringe.


Here we can see an asymmetrical and disheveled fringe, it gives a relaxed appearance.


This straight fringe is a very thick fringe where you can not differentiate where it begins.


The ragged bangs are beautiful, you can cut them all the same or you can leave a few longer strands on the sides.


This fringe is similar to the curtain but its difference is that it is not completely open, it only separates a little in the center.


This straight fringe differs from the thick fringe in that it has less hair, that is, it is a soft, fine fringe.


Unlike the rest, this curtain fringe is much longer, its length reaches the height of the chin.


Gringo bangs are called bangs that grow out, stay open, and stay as long as you want.


This type of fringe has shorter hair in the center and as we move away from there, its hair lengthens, joining with the mane.


If you have curls, this fringe is ideal for you, it is a straight style but with little hair, thus allowing your curly hair to stand out.


This is a "false" fringe because if you don't dare to cut your hair you can get a fringe by combing to the side and letting the hair fall, pretending that you have a fringe on the side.


Here we can see a fringe that is made up of two long locks that are worn one on each side.


This great fringe is characterized by being clipped above the eyebrows and combed openly, exposing much of the forehead.


If you want to get a straight fringe but you are bored with the classic, you can add color to one of its sides and you will obtain a unique style.


A nice way to highlight your bangs is to paint it a different color from the rest of the hair, it can be applied to all kinds of bangs and it looks very cool.


Who says that the fringe should always be combed down or to the side, you can also comb it back by highlighting it in a bun.


Here we can see a nice straight frayed bangs, but it also has shaved sides, which allows the bangs to be worn further back than usual.


This type of bangs is of the baby bang category, what differentiates it from other micro bangs is that it is shorter than the rest and has a straight cut.


This fringe is mullet style, it is characterized by being asymmetrical, disheveled, it is a look that appears to be "sloppy".


This type of fringe is straight, however it is not the classic one, since it is characterized by being “rolled”, where the hair is rolled up in a roller to give it more volume.


Beautiful fringe for curly hair, where only four strands of hair with wide rollers should be left.


This is a straight fringe, semi-open and with its ends on the sides.

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