BLONDE HAIR 2022 ☆ The best ideas, dyes, care and hairstyles ☆

Do you want to lighten your hair, but have many doubts? Here you will find all the answers to your questions. We will give you the different types of blonde that existbesides the care that this hair color entails and for you to look even more beautiful, we will leave you images of different hairstyles for you to show off your hair.

honey blonde

If you want to start with a not so extreme shade of blonde, we recommend honey blonde, this is a mix of a warm blonde with a lighter brown. It is a color that adapts to all types of hairstyles, skin tones and eyes, so you will look splendid with this dye.

platinum blonde

Platinum blonde hair is definitely fabulous, it illuminates the face and rejuvenates the look. This hair color looks best on women with pale, pink and cool skin tones. Here are some inspiring images of women rocking platinum blonde.

beige blond

Beige blonde is distinguished by being a natural color and very popular among women, it has lighter reflections that generate a beautiful finish. If you don't want to bleach your hair too much, this is the ideal shade for you. We attach photos so you can get to know this color and fall in love with it.

ash blonde

This blonde style has gray undertones, hence the origin of its name. It is compatible with white or slightly tanned skin, generating an elegant and sophisticated look. Below, you will find photos that will show you this gorgeous blonde.

strawberry blonde

This is your color if you are undecided, if you still don't know whether to dye it red or blonde, this is the right point. Strawberry blonde hair slides into red hair, but doesn't quite go all the way. It is a subtle tone, it is better appreciated in women with white complexion, generating a dream harmony.

bronde blonde

This hair dye is neither brown nor blonde, it oscillates between these two colors, creating a perfect balance for you. It is a blonde that makes any type of complexion shine and, being a combination of two dyes, it has many shades to choose from. You will see below images that will demonstrate the versatility of this color.

Golden blond

This color has a shimmering gold that generates a unique shine, which will make you look radiant. It is a color suitable for all ages, as it revitalizes the face and makes you look younger. Here below we leave you images of golden blonde hair, so you can get to know this fascinating hair tone.

balayage blonde

Unlike the blondes mentioned above, this is not a shade, but rather a technique. It consists of highlights that generate a gradient in the hair, from a dark color to a lighter one. Below are images of different balayage styles.

foilyage blonde

The blond foilyage like the balayage is a technique, however, it is a new version of the latter. Provides shine and luminosity to the hair, generating a natural color, full of life. This technique is suitable for all types of hair. Look at the images and decide which of the two techniques you will carry out on your next visit to the beauty center.

creamy blonde

This type of blonde is warmer, with a "vanilla" color, it produces a sensation of "creamy" texture at the sight, as its name defines it. It is a tone widely used by celebrities. Look at the photos that we leave you below and check that this color is for you.

violet blonde

If you want a pastel hair color then this is perfect for you, this blonde style is a platinum almost violet shade. Provides a youthful, cheerful and cool image. We offer you images of this hair dye so you can decide if you dare to a style like this.

Blonde hair care

In this section we will give you advice specifically designed for those women who have or want to dye their hair blonde. Everything you should and shouldn't do, what kind of shampoo to wash your hair with, among many other tips.

To avoid the degradation of your dye, you should use shampoo and conditioner for dyed or blonde hair, there are many options, choose the one that best suits you. In addition, to prevent the appearance of yellow and orange tones, we recommend using purple pigments, that is, violet shampoo, at least once a week, after doing your usual washing. you shall let it act between 5 and 10 minutes, depending on your need to neutralize the orange/yellowish color. Also, we suggest you finish your toilet with a cold rinsesince cold water closes the cuticles and maintains the color and shine of the hair.

You probably know that after bleaching it is common for your hair to start to break down, therefore, to fight against this, it is vital moisturize the hair. If you have gray, white or platinum blonde hair you should use products with purple pigments, if your hair is colored you should use sulfate-free productsif your hair is fine you should avoid silicones and if it is dry use products with shea. It is very important to keep your hair hydrated as it will bring life, color and shine to your hair.

Another piece of advice we offer you is wash your hair as infrequently as possiblesince doing it every day will wear out the color that you worked so hard to achieve.

A weakening agent of our hair is the sun's rays, having blonde hair we are more exposed to UV rays. Namely, if you expose it to the sun it will dry out and change its colortherefore we advise you use hats, caps or scarves to protect yourself and maintain the coloration.

Another factor that can generate deterioration in our hair, is the heat from flat irons or hair dryers They can cause damage to your blonde hair, so we recommend you reduce their use.

Finally, we wanted to tell you that blonde dyes require maintenance, ideally it should be carried out by a professional, therefore, it is important that you go to your trusted hairdresser when you think it is necessary, either to touch up your dye or trim dry ends.

Hairstyles for blonde hair

To end this post dedicated exclusively to blonde hair, we enclose many hairstyle ideas so you can show off your new color in an amazing way. You will see photos in which you will find elegant, chic, modern, simple, extravagant lookschoose the one you like the most, you can use them as inspiration to recreate the hairstyle or give it a twist and create a super original hairstyle.

Hairstyles with collected hair:

Hairstyles with semi-collected hair:

Hairstyles with braids:

Hairstyles with pigtails:

Bun/bun/bun hairstyles:

Hairstyles with accessories:

After all the information offered, ideas, images and tips, What are you waiting for to be part of the great group of blonde women? Choose the ideal color for you, go to your favorite beauty center and leave a beauty. Do not forget to take care of it as you should and make a great hairstyle.

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