Chocolate hair color What is the tone that favors you?

In this post we bring you one of the most beautiful shades of hair, the chocolate color. In this post we will tell you everything you need to know about this hair color, how this dye looks according to the color of the skin, what aspects it favors and what its advantages are.

The best chocolate shades for your hair

Before we say anything about chocolate hair, we need to define what it is. There are several shades, but its essence is a brown color with small reflectionswhich they bring light and vitality to your hair. reflections can be mahogany, copper or goldthey will provide different aspects, for example more caramelized or with a reddish hue, although of course the main one is the brown base.

Chocolate tones can be a little darker or lighter, but without a doubt this color brings many advantages in all its forms. The first great advantage of this color is that it is low maintenanceit only needs basic care, unlike blondes that need deep bleaching and subsequent care of damaged hair.

On the other hand, this shade of hair is timeless, that is, it looks great in all seasons of the year and for all situations. These include everything from important events such as parties, through the formality of everyday work, to a romantic and sensual dinner.

On the one hand, this color favors brunettes why? Because it makes your complexion look darker than it already is. Achieving a tanned, Caribbean, and exotic look. On the other hand, in lighter skin is more striking hair color, contrasting with the skin and thus highlighting it as well. In short, it will make your skin stand out regardless of its tone.

Dark hair usually has a healthier and brighter appearance, so it will make you look younger. This will fill you with confidence and make you feel comfortable with yourself.

Classic chocolate tone

First, it is important to clarify that all shades belong to the same color, with small differences. Having mentioned this, the classic chocolate color is the one that mixes different types of reflections. The golden and mahogany touches favor white and brunette skin very well.that is, slightly tanned.

dark chocolate tone

The tone dark chocolate considerably favors brown skinWhether your eyes are light or dark. To give it greater brightness and luminosity, we recommend mahogany reflections that will give life and a healthy look to your hair.

Light chocolate tone

Within this category are the chocolate tones with ash nuances, which favor slightly tanned skin very well, this color combines perfectly with light eyes, whether green or blue. Also included here are the copper tones but combined with ashes. This option favors almost all ranges of leather, From fair complexions to brunettes, this option especially stands out for those with dark or brown eyes.

Keep in mind that these are mere recommendations to show off a more harmonious or classic look. However, they are not fixed patterns, so you can play and adapt to the different shades no matter what shade your eyes are or the color of your skin. The important thing is your personality and how you wear it.

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