COPPER HAIR 2022 ☆ Dyes, Care and Best Tones According to your Skin ☆

Within the reddish range, the copper tone is one of the best options, being a classic tone but very flattering, bright and eye-catchingand not only this, but it is also one of the dyes with the highest amplitude of tones ranging from blond to dark. After seeing these options you will be delighted with the coppery hair!

Copper hair is trending again

Without a doubt, the copper hair or copper is one of the colors that best suits women and that is currently being trend everywhere, even celebrities like Zendaya, Emma Roberts, Bella Thorne and Emma Watson sport this style.

Dare to a look strikingdare to shine and you shine coppery hair this season, get inspired by the following images and find your perfect shade of copper hair

The different shades of copper hair

The copper hue is the Last trend In hair color at present, it varies according to the base tone of each person, so that the change is not so strong, it can be done little by little, taking a couple of highlights in the front part, to illuminate the face.

There is a huge palette of copper hair dyes, and they are all different. It must be taken into account the hair color baseas is also very important skin tone Y eye coloryes In the lightest skins, the color that is most suitable is the most golden copper. In the most sallow, dark skins, mahoganies, more reddish, favor them. Light eyes are really enhanced by the reddish pigmentation.

1. Coppery golden blonde

Copper blonde hair or strawberry blonde It is flattering for all women with any skin tone, since it provides a lot of luminosity and warmth to the face However, it is necessary to start from blonde or very light base to get to this tone, but if your hair color is dark you can bleach it previously or also opt for a dark copper tone, highlights or it could also be a balayage / ombre.

2. Light copper

In this case, if we style the hair with a light copper color, it will not require much maintenance since it is very discreet the gradient or shading between the base of the hair and the copper. It is not necessary to have super light hair to achieve this color since it is a intense color and can vary in tonality.

3. Dark copper

If you decide to opt for a more coppery hair subtlewe recommend a tone dark coppery. This is a combination between Brown and copper, it goes very well with all skin tones and can be made from a darker base color, giving it luminosity and brightness.

4. Copper red

Copper hair with a reddish hue starts from a base Brown colorthis one has a red color intense but the rosy shine of the copper contrasts very well and shines in the dark hair.

5. Copper highlights

This is a good option for those who want to maintain the color of their hair but give it a touch of light and color with the highlightsthese can be done on a brown color in highlights blonde and copperyor also for brunettes some dark copper highlights.

6. Copper ombre

In this case, it is a balayage plays with various shades of copper and gives it a lot of depthluminosity and movement to the mane.

7. Rusty copper

And finally, we come to rusty copper, it's quite subtle and it is usually similar to a dark copper but more opaque, this one is quite dark and its hue tends to be brownish.

How to dye copper hair without bleaching

If we start from a base of natural or light hair, it is not necessary to bleach the hair, on the other hand if it is very dark it is totally necessary, this tip can help you to take it into account when deciding. You do not need to do it on the whole head, but only on some highlightsto get more brightness.

Although before we told you that it is necessary to bleach the hair when the base is darkand we want a reddish hue, there are some products on the market to place it directly, without bleaching, it is not ideal.

we do not recommend dye your hair to copper in your Housebecause there are many points to take into account so that it looks bright and tonality that you like once the process is finished.

How to choose the right shade

When you go to choose the copper tone for your hair, it is important the texture of it, be it curly, straight, curly or wavy, and play with different shadescan give a unique result. Combining different reddish tones, dyeing from the roots, making some highlights in balayage, are strategies to give greater brightness.

The base of your hair is important when you want to dye your hair copper, the blonde tonesthey will obtain a better tonality, and in addition they will be able to use hennawhich is not permanent and over time, with the washes a nice worn out and it does not enslave so much at the time of the growth of its base, what they do not allow is the covering of gray hair.

Hair with a dark base should take into account that they can use permanent colorationbut not henna, and the roots will be noticeable over time, what it has in its favor is that gray hair can be dyed well.

Care to show off coppery hair

When deciding to dye the hair to a copper color, it is necessary to know that when you want to eliminate this shade, it is very difficult, since damages hair fibers.

Caring for colored hair always requires consistency in maintenance, but the reddish hue still needs more attention. Continuous washing can lead to discoloration more quickly, it should be hydrate very well and perform cream baths, apply special masks for that shade. If the hair is very porous, it tends more to lose its copper color, as well as to be damaged more than others.

There are countless products to maintain and care for coppery hair, among them we can find shampoo with seaweed, which have a low acidity at the time of washing the hair. To get a higher brightness they are important amino acids.

In the summer time, the care must be extra, since the sun, the saltpeter and the UV rays, ruin the hair and especially these shades, taking away the shine and strength from the hair, it should be used capillary sun protection, and moisturizing masks. Wearing caps and hats when you are exposed to the sun helps to improve the quality of your coloration.

Once you've dyed your hair reddish, and you want to go to a swimming pool, it's important that at least two weeks elapse before submerging your head in chlorine waterso that the color is not altered.

Another fundamental detail for the healthy maintenance of dyed hair is not using a flat iron, tongs and a dryer, since hurts too muchnow with the novelties are the thermal protectorswhich are placed before the use of these items that give off too much color and when doing so, start approximately 15 centimeters below the root.

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