Dyes, Care and The Best Tones according to your Skin

The blond hair It is chosen by many women around the world regardless of how old you are. There are thousands of blonde options you can do to your hair, you just have to find the shade of blonde that is perfect for you. Today there are thousands of options to choose from when you decide to go for blonde hair. With so many ways to effortlessly make your way to blonde life, becoming blond it's an incredibly fun process. Today in this blog we want to show you examples of blonde hair that will surprise you so you can get ideas and find the perfect blonde for you. So keep enjoying this blog and all the ideas that we give you here.

Best Blonde Hair Dyes

This time we leave you some examples of blonde hair dyes that will help you get inspired and get ideas if you want to take your hair to a blonde tone. So keep enjoying these images and discover the best shades of blonde hair that can exist.

Best shades of blonde color according to your skin

creamy blonde hair color

It is Ideal for light, medium and dark neutral or cool skin tones. This creamy blonde shade is an ideal base color for lighter blonde highlights, and also serves as a beautiful blonde shade for highlights on a deeper blonde base color.

Butter Blonde Hair Tone

It is Ideal for light, medium warm and neutral skin tones. This pale, warm shade is beautiful on skin with subtle golden undertones. It's also the perfect base for pale blonde highlights and contrasts beautifully when golden skin darkens a bit in the summer.

Golden Blonde Hair Color Tone

It is Ideal for light to medium warm skin tones. Deep golden blonde hair color is the gold standard for people with warm undertones. It brings blue, green and hazel eyes to life and looks especially elegant when streaked with warm, buttery highlights.

Rose Gold Blonde Hair Color Tone

The rose gold blonde shade is a mix of pink and peach. If your skin is cool, your rose gold hair color should have more pink in the formula. If your skin is warm, your rose gold should be more on the warm peach side.

Strawberry Blonde Hair Color Tone

It is ideal for fair and warm skin tones. This warm reddish blonde hair color is one of the most striking blonde hair color shades. It comes in a wide range of options, from golden blonde with a hint of red to the opposite end of the spectrum: bright golden red.

Honey Blonde Hair Color Tone

It is Ideal for warm medium to dark skin tones. This bright, warm blonde hair color is beautiful on medium skin tones with darker eye colors like brown or black. It also serves as a beautiful base for golden blonde or butter blonde highlights.

Caramel Blonde Hair Color Tone

It is Ideal for neutral or warm medium to dark skin tones. Caramel blonde hair color makes a golden complexion glow. If your hair is dark blonde or light brown, add caramel blonde highlights for dimension and warmth.

Brown Blonde Hair Color Tone

It is ideal for any skin tone. Brown hair is between brown hair color and blonde hair color. It is one of the most versatile hair color shades out there, because you can mix any shade of brown and blonde to achieve the look. So if your complexion is warm, go for a warm brown and blonde hair color, and vice versa if your skin tone is cool.

Platinum Blonde Hair Color Tone

It is Ideal for cool, light or medium skin tones. Platinum blonde hair color brings the drama. It creates an energizing contrast with your fresh skin and makes your eyes really pop.

Icy Blue Blonde Hair Color Tone

Ideal for: fair and cool skin tones. A cool, light blue or pale gray overlay is a trendy way to dye light blonde hair. To achieve a light and fresh result, you will first need to lighten your hair to a very pale blonde shade.

Pastel Pink Blonde Hair Color Tone

It is Ideal for light to medium cool skin tones. You'll look especially pretty in pink if your complexion is cool, fair, or medium.

Pale Peach Blonde Hair Color Tone

It is Ideal for light, medium warm or neutral skin tones. If your skin tone is too warm to rock a dusty pastel like pink, pale peach hair color is the way to go. The subtle warmth of this blonde hair color will enhance your complexion beautifully, right into the pastel realm.

Pearl Blonde Hair Color Tone

Ideal for: light to medium cool skin tones. It stands to reason that the same skin tones brought to life by blue blonde or pastel pink blonde would be great choices for a pearl blonde hair color.

Silver Blonde Hair Color Tone

It is Ideal for light to medium cool skin tones. Silver blonde is gray with a metallic finish, and the result is fresh and elegant. It is stunning on pale or olive skin tones.

Champagne Blonde Hair Color Tone

It is Ideal for light to medium cool or neutral skin tones. The cool undertones of champagne provide an elegant backdrop for light to medium skin tones that are cool or neutral. If your skin is fresh, consider adding some platinum highlights to your champagne blonde base for a high-end glow.

blonde hair care

Colored hair requires special care so that it always looks neat and healthy, regardless of the tone you have chosen. The blond hair it is not the exception and you must take care of it and protect it so that the color always looks radiant and the hair always looks healthy and shiny. Here are some tips to help you achieve it.

Use masks It is a good idea. Hair masks are essential, not just once the damage has been done, but at all times to give your blonde everything it needs. Leaving a mask on for a few hours will give it time to work its magic, working inside the cuticles and strengthening the hair.

use a toner to maintain the color of blonde roots. These are semi-permanent colors used by colorists to correct or enhance to customize your color. As the weeks go by and your blonde needs to add a bit of pigment, and this is why it is advisable to apply a toner that matches the roots with your hair.

It is important protect it from the sun. Harmful UV rays can dry out your locks and turn your beautiful blonde shade into a brassy-orange hue. If you're planning a fun day in the sun, it's a good idea to use sunscreen to prevent hair damage from occurring.

It is important protect it from heat. Adding an excessive amount of heat to your hair, in addition to the chemical process, can really damage and dull your shine. It's always a great idea to give your hair a little vacation from heat styling, once in a while, by styling it into a cute bun, bun, or braid.

To finish wash hair with cold water. One step you can add to this routine is to make sure you finish with a cold rinse every time you wash your hair. This will help keep your hair shiny and shiny.

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