Dyes, Care and The Best Tones according to your Skin

In this post we bring you beautiful ideas for you to dye your hair brown. Note that there are different shades for this color, so you can choose the one that suits you best depending on your skin tone. In this post we also show you what are the care and the different forms of dyes.

coffee color tones

Brown hair is such a pretty color. Not old fashioned and that feels very good to all people. This is because the color brown is the mixture of all colors, so it looks great on everyone and with all eye colors and clothing. This classic includes all the tones that have brown as the base, even if they later have coppery, golden or mahogany tints.

At very white skin the colors suit you very well lighter browns, along with coppery, golden and reddish tones, these will bring luminosity to your face. In the neutral skinswhich are neither cold nor warm suits them very well any shade of brownso you just need to choose which one best suits your personality and your personal tastes.

In the warm and brown skinthey suit you very well dark brown colorsthat is to say, that they go very in harmony with their skin tones, among them the chocolate are different secondary colors, such as mahogany, or gold. If you want to bring light to your hair too you can use some babylights or highlights with lighter shades to make your hair look full of shine. For the pink skins Light browns are recommended.

Remember that these are only recommendations, this does not mean that it is mandatory or that the other colors do not suit you. Experiment, play and enjoy with your hair.

How to dye yourself brown?

Like the rest of the colors, this color follows the basic procedures, where you prepare the mixes and then apply it to your hair. Keep in mind that if you want to lighten your hair you can do it a little with lower dyes but in general you will need a discoloration. To carry out this process we recommend that you go with a professionalit will achieve a better finish and will take care of your hair in a different way.

In the same way, if you do not want to dye your hair completely with these colors, you can use different techniques, such as balayagethe highlights, only half of the hair combining it with other colorsamong many other options.

Brown hair care

The care for brown hair they are usually minima, since you should not worry about your hair turning orange like blondes. In addition, this hair color is usually very beneficial because generally does not involve such deep hair discolorations like light colors. So here we show you some tips to make it look even more vibrant and healthy.

  1. Do not wash it every day, let the natural oils of your hair act on it.
  2. Avoid heat, hair dryer and flat iron are harmful to your hair, so let your hair dry naturally.
  3. Use oils, creams and different treatments so that your hair is nourished and they look shiny.

brown hair ideas

In this section we show you pretty brown hair ideas so you can see which one resembles what you like the most and in this way you can recreate it.

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