Haircuts for girls 2022 photos and trends

Girl's haircuts were traditionally long hair, sometimes with bangs. However, you currently have multiple cuts, very different from each other so that your little one looks. Then we leave you the best haircuts for girls, in this 2022. We also tell you the trends and we leave you Photos so that you can guide yourself better.

Modern haircuts for girls

The cuts for children are no longer all the same, nor are they done at home as they used to be. But on the contrary, boys are cared for and esteemed more, including the aesthetic area. Girls generally used to wear their hair long without any other care except cutting the ends..

Currently, there are many options to choose between cuts, but you can also change your look with hairstyles. The hairstyles that are trending in girls They are: textured hairstyle, bohemian hairstyle, straight hairstyle and bangs hairstyles.

The textured hairstyles They consist of adding volume, consistency, is not having it perfect like when we comb them after bathing them. But it is a natural texture, you can add waves if you don't have. This type of hairstyle is trending. And you can get it with a carving.

The bohemian hairstyles are those who prioritize natural look hair related. They usually have waves and braidsthey are also usually long. They are similar to those used in the hippie era. But now they are updated with glitter and other things to give it an even more striking style. This is achieved with cuts of natural long haired hair.

The straight hairstyles They are commonly used by girls with straight hair, but can also be used by girls with curly hair. This hairstyle is simply that tips are straight and neatfor that you need a good cutting maintenance.

Very nice short haircuts

There are haircuts that are very nice and short. Some options for this style are: bob cut Y pixie cut with its variants and the pixie cut.

Pixie cuts consist of short hair with longer lengths in fronte, what frame the facethey are very modern and elegant, but they can also be chic and with a more casual look if you wear it tousled or if you add a few strands with a washable color dye.

Pixie cuts can be included in pixies. These cuts are timeless Y they look great on all types of faces. Lengths can vary and you can add bangs or keep it simple. You can also add layers to it for more volume.

Pixie cuts can be asymmetricalwhere one of the sides has more volume or a fringe that draws attention to that part of the hair, highlights the eyes and cheekbones of the little ones. This cut is super natural and easy to maintainespecially if the girl likes to brush herself, you will avoid tangles and tears.

The bob cuts they can be straight, asymmetrical, with layers, and of different lengths. Straight cuts are usually the most chosen, because they are very fine and sweet in girls. gives them a angelic look. They can also be accompanied by straight bangs that are excellent with this type of cut. Asymmetrical cuts are cut more on one side than the other. The layers will give you volume and give you a more carefree style and not as formal as straight cuts.

Medium length haircuts

The medium hair cuts They are used at all ages and childhood is no exception. This cut is very comfortable and classicso your baby can Play and have fun no problem. In addition, since it is not very long, you will be able to comb it more easily.

To give a different style to this type of cut you can add some fringeand make layers so that it has more volume. Especially if you have straight hair and it is very flattened, if you have curls it may not be necessary to thicken it.

curly haircuts

The type of hair does not force you to wear a certain cut. You can do whatever you want though. some cuts are more suitable for one type of hair or another because they require less maintenance and therefore require less time to comb your little one's day-to-day.

For the hair with curls you can use any styling cream to make them better definedYou can comb in the shower with conditioner to make it easier to untangle and not hurt your baby. You can also choose combs or brushes according to the thickness of the hair.

The cuts most used by girls with Afro or mottled hair are the short ones, because the volume of this type of hair already gives it a lot of silhouette and volume. So it should only be cut evenly so that it is not messy.

If you hair has wider waves you can use a haircut or midi, which look great on girls. This is a low-maintenance cut, so you can take her haircut every few months, or you can leave it to grow long. You can use different lengths in the strands to frame the face.

Haircuts for girls long hair

Sometimes we want a change of look for our girls but if we change the length of the hair. For these cases we leave you the option of layersIf your little girl has very straight and fine hair, you can add volume and movement with this technique. In case he has a lot of hair and it bothers him because it is too hot or because it is difficult to comb it, you can thinning hair but without altering the lengthin this way the hair will have more lightness.

cuts with bangs

the bangs can be used with all types of haircuts. However, as there are many, you can choose with your little one the one you think will fit her best. The only fringe that is not usually used in very young girls is the very short fringe or rolinga. Currently, this type of bangs is a trend in adolescents and young people. For girls we recommend straight, thick, open and long bangs or curtain bangs.

Childhood is an excellent period to experiment with different lookssince the hair grows quickly, and because in general it is a stage of fun and creativity. We recommend that if you are going to give your girl the choice of her hair type, guide her well so that she does not regret it later. Explain to him that his image is going to change and that the hair may take a while to grow. So that she feels safe and knows what changes she is going to see and that nothing takes her by surprise.

If you want your little girl to have a color tintr, you can go for some really fun options with cstriking and beautiful scents such as pinks, blues or purples. To do this without damaging the girl's hair being so small you can use temporary dyes or sprays that are applied to the hair, the latter last from one to several days, and the dyes can last a little longer, such as weeks. But this way you you guarantee not to damage your hair.

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