Haircuts for young men, ideas, trends and photos

If you are looking for a new haircut or an innovative hairstyle to wear, this is the right place. This time we leave you the best haircuts for men, along with photos and ideas so you know how to wear your new look. We also leave you a little information about what is being trend in this 2021.

What are the trends in haircuts for young men?

One of the trends that is still in vogue is to use very short hair on the sides, worked with the machine, and leave the hair longer on top, making a fade in between. This style is known as undercut, and it is a kind of universal, since it adapts to all types of hair, straight, curly and wavy, and can also be worn at any age. It is very easy to style and does not require much maintenance.

Another trend that continues in this 2021 is the bob cut, this one is similar to the previous one but the hair is even longer at the top. In this case, you can use gels or other products so that the hairstyle is better maintained in case you have very fine hair and you feel it is flattened.

It will also be a trend crop top haircut or light bowl cut. This style is so called because it is similar to the one used by children in the 80's and 90's, where men's hair was cut with a bowl. Of course today it has a much more stylish fashionable and favors them considerably more than at that time. In this type of cut it can be accompanied by a fringe or the hair can be combed up. That will depend on whether you decide to use it, we recommend that you try both ways and from there decide which one you think favors your face the most.

The comb over cut He also uses gradients, and long hair on top, however he has a specialty that is a very marked parting on one side. Towards the opposite side the hair is combed, which gives it a lot of elegance and seriousness when combing it, but one more style wild and carefree if it is looser.

The buzz cut It will continue to be a trend this year, this style consists of cutting your hair very very short. However, we recommend that you do not do it alone, because although it seems simple, it is likely that if you do it yourself you will have completely peeled areas and uneven parts. This cut does not require styling, but you must be careful with exposure to the sun, since the reasons impact your scalp directly.

This year will also be a trend long hair in males. They do not require great care but try to keep it hydrated and cared for. You can also make a ponytail if you feel that it can make you hot, or you simply want to wear it collected.

The best hairstyles for young men

The hairstyles will depend on the type of cut that you have at that moment. However, they are easier to perform than in women, since they are generally shorter, so braids or very elaborate things are not done.

If you didn't get to comb your hair and put gel to lift your hair, don't worry, because the fringe is coming back to be used, so you can use that option.

In case you have the long hair you can style one ponytail, a bun or wear it loose. It is important that you brush it daily so that knots do not form.

Remember that many times the hair is complemented by the beard so your look will look much neater if you have both your haircut and facial hair done up.

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