Hairstyles for short and very short hair, ideas and trends 2022

In this post we bring you new and original ideas for you to comb your short hair. Before you begin, keep in mind that the belief is installed that you cannot do both hairstyles with long hair. That is why in this post we come to deny that and show many hairstyles that you can do on your short hair. Now, keep in mind that if your hair is extra short, such as a few centimeters there, if you will have a little more difficulty, however, we also leave you with beautiful options so that you can wear it too.

Hairstyles for short hair

Bob cuts or medium hair admit endless hairstyles, both loose and collected that will allow you to show off your hair in the best way. Here are some of the hundreds of hairstyles that can be done with short hair You will find different textures and volumes in different hair. We hope you find what you were looking for!

half high bun

A beautiful option is a single bun on top with the rest of the hair down.

Braids on one side

Braids on the side of the face slim the face, while allowing you to move without having your hair on your face.

Braids (waterfall) forming a crown

You can form a very beautiful hairstyle through the use of waterfall braids, these can be single, double or even triple.

Two sewn-in braids that end in pigtails or buns

The two sewn braids are a classic, these can end in pigtails or buns. Regardless of its shape, this hairstyle will allow you to have a free face and a neat hairstyle throughout the day.

Hair tied back

One of the classics is the collected behind, regardless of the length of the hair, this type of hairstyle looks great, both in straight and wavy hair.

Two small braids in the front (baby brides)

One of the trends in 2022 They are the baby brides, these small braids are made in the front part of the face. They are usually done with little hair but look just as good with larger locks. These braids frame the face giving it neatness at the same time as a fresh and natural look.

stripe in the middle

A classic is the parting in the middle, regardless of the color, cut or length of your hair.

Two braids that meet at the back

A very nice idea to wear your hair semi collected are the braids on the sides, in this way they will be joined at the back. You can combine different sizes with strands of hair, as well as different types of braids.

half high ponytail

A classic is the high half ponytail. This hairstyle will slim your face and give it volume at the same time.

side hairstyle

If you want a little change you can put your hair to the side.

Half braid cooked

One way to keep your hair up and back is to make a cooked braid but only with half of your hair.

Braid on top with loose side hair

A hairstyle that is trending in 2022 is braids on top of the hair, especially those that end in a ponytail.

Hairstyles with scarves, with hair up or down

An ideal option for all types of short hair is to use accessories that give your hair more volume and thickness, one of those accessories is scarves. These look great, especially the silk ones.

Two braids that cover all the hair

A classic are the two braids that hold all the hair, these braids are common in boxers but it is a hairstyle that can be worn anywhere, even at a party.

Rear gathering in two parts

One of the variants of the updo is the double updo, which is done on the back and bottom of the head and is divided into two.

Two pigtails on the sides from the middle of the hair

One of the hairstyles of the moment is the two high pigtails, both in all the hair and only using half of it.

Two pigtails on the sides with all the hair

High ponytails are trending all over the world.

Two buns on the front and top of the head with the rest of the hair loose

Another of the most chosen hairstyles for this season are the two buns at the top of the head, leaving the lower part of the hair loose.

Braid with all the hair, normal and cooked

One of the classics that do not go out of style is the braid in all its forms, it suits short hair very well.

Front braid that simulates a ribbon, band or headband

Front braids are always very beautiful, they form around the face and give it a crown look.

Inverted cooked braid with a bun at the end

If you want to be combed all day you can make an inverted cooked braid that will hold all your hair very well to finish it in a bun, which you can give volume with different accessories.

Braid in the middle of the head that ends under a low ponytail

A fantastic and neat idea is a single braid in the center of the head that ends up hidden under a ponytail.

Hairstyles for very short hair

In this section we show you beautiful options of hairstyles so you can perform on your extra short hair. Remember that an especially good option to enhance your hairstyle is the use of accessories such as buckles, hooks, scarves, bandanas or headbands, all of these will help you give your hairstyle an aesthetic and original look.

Middle parting with accessories

For this hairstyle you need to part your hair in the middle and comb your hair neatly to the side, then add some pretty barrettes and you are good to go.

Zig zag parting with the sides gathered in small pigtails

With a fine comb make the marks in the way you want, in this case zig zag, then tie each of the sides of the hair. As it is short hair, it will give it a “disheveled” look, filling it with volume.

Hair tied up with little garters

If you want an original style you can fill your hair with little garters, tying all your hair in small locks.

Zig zag hair styled at the back

You can make a part in your hair giving space in the back so that it is loose. In this way it will be very well collected in the front but loose in the back.

Hair combed forward with band

This comb just requires you to comb it forward and put a cute band on it.

Hair combed to the side with bangs

If you want to style your hair a bit without completely changing it, you can comb it to the side.

Twisted in the front

In short hair, twists are ideal, since you only have to twist the hair and hold it with a small rubber band.

Small cooked braids at the front of the head

One of the most beautiful options are braids, in this type of hair it is necessary to make cooked braids to be able to pick up other parts of the hair and not disarm it.

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