How to go from brown to blonde hair: ideas, dyes, trends and photos

Happen Going from brunette to blonde hair is a much-requested change of look these days, it implies a radical modification that if done well can be the beginning of a fascinating new look. Patience and expertise are important for this restyle procedure.

Previous treatment

Use multiple treatments to reduce damage. If you are a dark brunette, you will not achieve this change immediately, you will have to be patient and repeat the procedure spaced out in time to give your hair time to recover. If you bleach your hair too often, it can start to fall out.

Some options to nourish your hair is to perform cream baths with nourishing products, perform botox or keratin hair treatments, apply moisturizing ampoules and use essential oils (natural or purchased) daily to improve the quality, nutrition and hydration of your hair.


It is important to know that the hair will be damaged in the bleaching process. Every time you bleach your hair, an oxidation process is taking place that removes the color from your hair.This is what leaves your hair looking white or yellow, because the keratin (the protein your hair is made of) in your hair is naturally a pale yellow color. Prepare for your hair to suffer dryness and brittlenessas well as the fact that you will be more prone to breakage and split ends, That is why it is important that the nutrition and hydration process continue once the color change is complete..

If you do not want to bleach your hair, you can use temporary, semi-permanent coloring. This type of coloring only lightens your hair, so if you have very dark hair, it may not be very effective. Nevertheless, the benefit of dyeing your hair instead of bleaching it is that the dye will not strip the color of your hair. However, it will still do some damage to your hair, so you'll need to care for it the same way you would bleach.

Get ready for an orange tinted hair color during the process. If you are going from a very dark shade to a very light blonde, the process takes some time, and during that time your hair will usually start to develop an orange hue.. This happens because as you bleach your hair, the cooler tones wash out of your hair more easily than the warmer underlying pigments. So, as you remove the color from your hair, the warm tones (reds and oranges) are the ones that remain because they are harder to remove from your hair.

To counteract these warm tones, you can add toner to your hair if you are going to have a very light blonde. This will counteract any remaining color in your air, thus removing those orange and yellow tints from your hair. You can find the right toner by looking at a toner wheel or by asking a professional.

As we already mentioned, the importance of carrying out hair care, nutrition and hydration treatments before and after bleaching it is of vital importance. Also, it is necessary Keep in mind that hair treatments that involve the use of heat such as a dryer, curling iron, and iron are not recommended after bleaching processes.Therefore, in the case of using these instruments that act through heat, it is previously recommended Prepare hair with heat styling products that protect your hair from excessive heat.

Steps to follow

You will find detailed instructions on the steps to follow to achieve a change of style in your hair, going from brown to blonde, damaging its quality as little as possible.


It is important wash the hair 2 days before doing the bleaching treatmentsince it is not recommended to bleach your hair if you have washed it recently since it the scalp loses its protective barrier of natural oils and could get irritated.

Necessary elements

Gather the ingredients and prepare your area. To prevent incidents with your clothes, remember to wear a shirt that you no longer use and an old towel. Prepare the area where you will perform the procedure by having nearby: a small bucket or colored container to mix the bleach, a stain brush, and rubber gloves.


In a pharmacy or cosmetics store you should buy a bleach and a developer, the latter helps to lighten the hair more quickly. It is important to follow the instructions on the back of the box of the products you buy because each one is different and they may have different proportions when mixing them.

As a general rule, it can be established that a developer with a higher concentration will lighten your hair faster and a developer with a lower concentration will take more time or multiple you have to take into account what result you want to achieve and the damage to your hair.

In beauty salons, they usually use 20-volume developers, which, combined with bleach, achieve a great effect.

This mixture is already industrially prepared and it is possible to buy it in the same stores, however you will not be able to customize it depending on the result you are looking for for your hair and it may produce an effect that you were not expecting. That is why this option only works if you do not dare to prepare it at home as they do in beauty salons.


Try a lock of hair. Some people have allergic reactions to certain hair products, so you'll need to test a section of your hair to make sure the bleach won't harm you. Take the mixture and using a toner brush, apply it to a one to two inch section of hair at the bottom layer of your hair at the back of your head. Leave the mixture on for 30 to 45 minutes, and then rinse. If you have not experienced any reaction to bleaching, you can proceed to bleach your hair.

To generate a better performance, divide your hair into 4 equal parts, making a vertical parting and another horizontal parting in the center of your head, hold the hair that you separated.

Apply the mixture evenly through your hair. Start at the back sections of your hair, as they don't absorb discoloration as well as tops, so they will need more time to set. Gather a section of hair that is about a quarter inch thick and separate it from the rest of your hair. Then, use a tint brush to apply the bleach mixture., covering the roots last because the roots tend to process faster than the rest of the hair. Make sure you have evenly saturated the hair.

Take care that the bleach does not come into contact with your body or scalp, as this can irritate your skin and cause a burning sensation. When bleaching the roots, be sure to lift the hair off your head to avoid getting the bleach on your scalp.

After applying the bleach to all four sections of your hair, another phase of the process begins, which involves having approximately six-inch strips of aluminum foil within reach. Take strands of hair and stretch them over the aluminum strips, then fold the paper in half to cover the strand.. Repeat the procedure until all your hair is covered.

Once you have covered all of your hair with bleach, let the mixture rest for about 30 minutes. Check it frequently to make sure it is lightening to the correct degree. You may need more or less time, depending on how well your hair handles the bleaching. LThen rinse your hair with water and apply a purple shampoo. Let the shampoo sit for the time recommended on the label, then rinse it out.

Since your brown hair is naturally warm undertones, it will likely look brassy after you bleach it. Purple shampoo helps remove brassiness and neutralizes yellow undertones. If you plan to use toner, you don't have to use purple shampoo, but it helps remove those uncomfortable dyes from your hair. You can find this shampoo in the shampoo or hair color section of your local drugstore or cosmetics store.

If you are happy with the color of your hair, you can proceed to condition it. However, if you want to further remove brassiness, you can apply a toner to your hair. Towel dry your hair and comb it with a wide-tooth comb. Later, mix your toner with a 20 volume developer and apply evenly to your hair. Cover your hair again and let the toner sit for twenty to thirty minutes.

To find the right toner, you can look at a toner wheel. On the wheel, find the color that most closely matches the shades of your hair, and then buy a toner of the color that is on the exact opposite side of the toner wheel. Here we leave you again a guide to choose your color, however It is important to consult in the cosmetics store about the colors and numbering of each brand, since you will find an infinite number of commercialized options.

The amount of toner you mix with the developer will depend on the type of toner you buy. Check the instructions for that specific toner before mixing it.

Be sure not to condition your hair before applying the toner, as this will make it more difficult for the toner to adhere to your hair.


Once the toner has set, rinse it out with water and apply a deep conditioner.. This has been said several times, but it is very important to do it to protect the health of your hair. You can also apply conditioning hair masks to provide even more moisture to your hair.

If you want to go a lighter shade with your bleach, you can repeat this entire bleaching process a second and third time. Be sure to wait at least two weeks between each bleaching to give your hair time to recover. Then, apply the bleach in the same way and condition to moisturize your hair between each treatment to keep it healthy.

Natural options to lighten your hair

There are those who do not want to use invasive products to lighten their hair, so here we will share natural options that contribute to the objective. To bleach your hair naturally, the sun will be the one that activates the blonde in your hair. You will need lemon juice, chamomile tea (or tea bags), and hot water.

This process will take much longer and can be used to bring out the natural highlights in your hair, but it most likely won't get you to a platinum blonde color.


Boil the water and allow the tea to steep. Steep five to ten chamomile tea bags for a few minutes in about a pint (or two cups) of hot water in a microwave-safe glass measuring cup. Later, add about a half cup of lemon juice to your tea, pouring it into your solution until it turns slightly cloudy.

Once you have the mix done pour it into a container pot that has a spray nozzle to facilitate its application. Moisten all your hair with the product made at home and then you must expose yourself to the sun.

We hope that the information is useful to you and allows you to choose the best method to lighten your hair. Any concerns you have do not hesitate to leave your query in comments and it will be answered as soon as possible.

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