ideas and ideal care for your hair

In this opportunity we bring you beautiful ideas of blonde dyes but with the peculiarity that these are with golden tones and not ashes. Below you will find many ideas and photos to inspire you and you can recreate in your own hair. We also tell you all the necessary care.

shades of golden blonde hair

Golden blonde is forever a classicToday, women are opting more for ash blonde shades, but this post is dedicated to remembering the beauty of golden blonde. this kind of blonde looks much more natural, first because it is not as clear as ash. This does not indicate that there are no many shades because if there are, some lighter and some darkerbut nevertheless they never reach the white color that is currently a trend.

On the other hand, this blonde is easier to achieve, since it has red or orange pigments, this second color that makes up the hair is the majority of people so it is more accessible to do. In third place does not require as many bleaching steps as ash blonde so your hair will not be so damaged.

Finally, let us remember that this color literally simulates gold and gives a vivid and eye-catching appearance to your hair, especially when there is a lot of light or you are in the golden hour, so it looks fantastic in all women.

The shades, as we have already mentioned, are many, so we recommend the one that goes best with your skin. This color gives a healthy appearance and rejuvenates the face, so you will look fantastic no matter what shade you use. yesi don't want too flashy a contrast use a tone similar to your complexion, for example if your complexion is pale, use a light tone, if your complexion is brunette, use a slightly darker color. This is a simple advice but it is not a "rule" of fashion, the important thing is that you feel comfortable and at ease in your body.

Remember that you can play and experiment with your hair. You don't have to dye all your hair if it's not what you want, you can choose to use some highlights of this color, by a balasayge or even by dyeing only part of your hair like a side or lower half. The possibilities are many and all are within your reach. Which one are you going to choose?

golden blonde hair care

The care for golden blonde hair is the same as for all types of hair that has been bleached and/or dyed, so here we leave you some tips for you to take into account and you can give the best care to your hair.

  • Use quality dyes
  • Perform hair treatments such as cream baths, styling creams, use of oils, among others.
  • Use color shampoo to prevent hair from losing its shine and becoming dull or orange
  • Do not subject to excessive heat (iron or hair dryer)
  • Not washing it daily

Hairstyle ideas for golden blonde hair

In this section we bring you beautiful hairstyle ideas so you can see how these wonderful looks look with this beautiful shade of hair. Remember that there can be many different shades, though. we wait that you find your cut, your color and your ideal hairstyle.

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