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In this post we bring you fabulous color ideas that look great on brown skin. These options will help you look in the best way in 2022, have the most beautiful and shiny hair of all. We also show you different shades, care and trendswe hope you like them.

What shade is best for your dark complexion?

Before we begin, it is essential to note that There is no single way to wear a colour, The most important thing is that you feel comfortable with him and not that you lock yourself in the "norm". Despite this, there are some recommendations that are usually used.

If you have the brunette skin you can use different tints with golden huesThese will look great because they will make your complexion stand out even more, giving it a very bright and striking Caribbean look. On the other hand if your complexion is rather brunetteThey always look good chestnut treesthe shades can vary according to your taste, if you want greater impact it can be a lighter color and if you want greater harmony you can go darker.

Another slightly more intrepid option for brunettes are the reddish hues, these look great and are very striking, Of course, it's always different when it comes to dark-based highlights or if it's the whole hair, it all depends on the intensity What do you want to give the color?

hair care

Like all dyed hair, certain special caressince your hair has been stripped of some elements that were produced naturally in your hair and they have gone with the use of dye, on the other hand, multiple chemicals have been deposited so your hair needs you to be very gentle with him and treat him properly.

Some of the recommendations we give you is that you apply treatments so that your hair recovers all the nutrients it needs, mainly keratin. These can be baths of creams, oils, oils among many others.

A fundamental part of daily care is that you let it dry naturally without exposing it to heat of the hair dryer, the use of irons is not recommended either, since the heat weakens and breaks your hair, causing it to fall out.

On the other hand, to maintain your color in a sensational way, we recommend that you use colored shampoo, this helps to maintain the dye for a longer time, that is, it does not become a barrier with washing. In any case, if you feel that this has happened to you, you can have a light bathto bring light to your hair.

Lastly, we advise you to don't wash your hair every dayIt may feel a bit greasy at first but that will subside over time and allow the natural oils to act on the hair without being constantly washed away by water.

Hair color ideas for brunettes

Do you want to dye your hair but you don't know what color dye to use? Below we leave you many ideas of different dyes that look fantastic on dark or brunette skin. We hope you find that color you were looking for so much!

hairstyles for your brown hair

In this section we leave you photos of beautiful hairstyles in brunette women, you will see how beautiful the different styles look depending on the chosen hair color. In this way you can also see ideas on how to style your hair if you have one of these colors or plan to have it.

Hair colors for brunettes

In this section we bring you many photos of color dyes very diverse for brown skin. Remember that you can use the color you like best, it's just a matter of attitude!

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