Short haircuts on the sides and long on top (for men)

On this occasion, we bring you the best and most incredible short side and long top haircuts for men. You will find 30 haircuts with their respective information and images so you can choose the one you like the most.

The best hairstyles short on the sides and long on top

Then we leave you the best haircuts short on the sides and long on top. Find yours and make it.

1. Punk Crest

To have a punk mohawk you must have the hair on the sides of the head short and on the top and back the hair longer. What is characteristic of this cut is that the hair is combed in a "spiky" manner.

2. Undercut

The undercut cut is based on short, shaved hair on the sides of the head and in the back of the head. and on top the longest hair.

3. Cut with Parting in the middle

The cut with a center parting has its short sides and in the front part the hair must be left longer to be able to make the characteristic parting in the middle.

4.Comb over

The comb over cut has longer hair on top, where it is combed to the side. On its sides the hair is cut very short, except in the temple area where the hair is longer, but not as long as on the top of the head.

5. Side fall cut

This type of cut on the sides can be worn short or shaved, but on the top of the head the hair is left so long that it allows it to fall to the side.

6. buzz cut

The buzz cut is also known as a military cut, where the hair is shaved, but on the top of the head the hair is a few centimeters longer. In addition, a cut must be made on the lateral frontal part, which marks where the hair begins and ends.

7. Hipster cut

This type of cut is based on keeping the hair on the sides of the head short and longer hair on the upper part, so long that it can be combed backwards generating a bun or to the side, you choose that.

8. Spiky cut

What defines the spiky cut is that at the top, where the hair is longer, it should be combed upwards, in a spiky manner, to get the "spiky" look.

9. Caesar Court

This haircut should be the same length throughout the top of the head, and the bangs are combed forward, to obtain the same hairstyle as Julius Caesar, from which the name of the cut derives.

10. Mullet Cut

As we can see in the images, the mullet cut must have long hair on the top and back of the head and its sides very short. You can choose to leave the back part longer and a little shorter on top or the whole "ridge" evenly.

11. Bowl Cut

The bowl cut dates back to when we were little and our parents would place a bowl on our heads and trim the hair along the edge of it. Today it is a trend cut, to achieve it, the hair must be cut evenly around the contour of the head, leaving the sides and the lower back with shorter hair.

12. Quiff Cut

The Quiff cut is distinguished from other cuts in its front part, since it must have more hair in that area to be able to comb it upwards, forming a small bob. The rest of the hair is left shorter and the sides can be shaved.

13. Bun Cut

The bun cut is a cut that not everyone is encouraged to wear, it is a look that may seem informal but if it is combed properly it can be a very serious cut. The hair on the top of the head should be left so long that it allows for a bun at the end of it.

14. Classic cut

A classic cut is just as its word says, classic, where the sides of the head have short hair and the top part has slightly longer hair, although each one can choose the extension of it. It can be combed up, back or to the side, you decide.

15. Dapper Cut

This type of cut can be described as a neat and elegant cut, it has a gradient on the back and sides of the head and on the top, the hair is longer, straight and combed back.

16. Long Undercut

The long undercut is similar to the classic undercut, the difference is that it has more length in the hair that is on the top of the head. Then in the lower part the hair should be kept short.

17. Pompadour Cut

This elegant cut called pompadour, translates to "pompadour", and is what characterizes it. The pompadour cut is distinguished by having a pompadour at the front of the head, which can be styled with gel or wax.

18. French crop cut

The french crop cut has a gradient throughout the lower circumference of the head and the hair should be left longer at the top. The characteristic of this cut is the fringe that predominates, it can be short, long, combed forward or to the side, you can choose your own style.

19. High fade cut

The high fade cut refers to a fading or gradient of the hair, the term high refers to the fact that it starts from the top of the head. Long hair is left on the crown and below it begins with the gradient until reaching the end of the head.

20. Mid Fade Cut

As we mentioned recently, the fade cut refers to a fade, but here we refer to a mid fade cut, so the gradient should start in the middle of the skull. The gradient must be done with a razor to achieve the desired effect.

21. Taper Fade Cut

The taper fade cut, unlike the high or mid fade, is done with scissors, so its fade is less marked and more hair is left on the sides. It is a nice and youthful cut.

22. Bald fade cut

The bald fade refers to a fading of the hair to such an extent that the skin of the head is visible. Generally the upper part of the hair is short, almost shaved. It is an easy to wear and very comfortable cut.

23. Cut temper fade

In the temple fade cut, the fade begins at the temple, but it is not necessary that it be done in the entire circumference of the head. As we can see in the photos, there is only a fade on the sideburns and the rest of the hair grows gradually to the part with the greatest volume which is on the crown.

24. Textured Cut

The textured cut, as its name suggests, is a cut that allows you to create volume on the top of the head. This is due to the different textures it provides, that is, cuts are made with different lengths of hair.

25. Mohican Cut

The mohican cut is based on shaving both sides of the head, and leaving a considerable length of hair on the top and back of it to form a “crest”. The length of the crest is decided by you, as well as the way to comb it.

26. Cut with marked parting

The cut with marked parting is as its name says, it is a type of cut in which the parting is left well seated at the top of one of the sides. Then you can comb the hair as you prefer, to the side, up or back, you decide.

27.Hair tattoo

The hair tattoo refers to a cut that is not specific in itself, but what stands out is the design that is made on the hair. You can shave or cut short the sides of the head and on these make different designs, they can be more daring or simpler, but you choose.

28. Curly Undercut

If you have curly hair and haven't decided on a cut yet, here's a specific one for your hair type. You can go for a classic undercut but you should leave the top hair long enough for your curls to stand out.

29. Curly Toupee Cut

Another type of cut that looks great on curly hair is a quiff cut, that is, a cut where the hair is left longer in the upper front part, you can comb it up, leave it as a fringe, you decide.

30.Crew cut

The crew cut is a cut where the sides and back of the head are shortened and the top of the head is longer. However, the difference is that this change in length is not so marked, it is a more gradual change, a gradient is made in a very subtle way.

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