The Best Hairstyles with African Braids 2022

The African braids They are wonderful and are a fashion trend that many women choose to do in their hair and surprise with a very original look. The braids are very chosen by many women and there are many types of braids that you can do. Today in this blog we want to show you ideas with the best hairstyles with African braids so that you can be inspired and find the perfect hairstyle for you. So go ahead and keep looking at this blog and keep discovering spectacular African braids that will inspire you.

What are African braids?

Simple braids, complex braids, or any style that intertwines three strands of hair is a good idea to make your hair look great. Braids are an integral part of black culture, past, present, and future. The discovery of ancient stone paintings depicting braided women in North Africa shows that braids date back thousands of years. In their earliest known forms on the continent, the styles had a dual purpose, not only upholding social mores, but also fashionable. African tribes, groups and regions adorned their heads for cultural significance and it was as complex and diverse as the many styles we know and love to recreate today. Like fashion throughout history, hair has long been a marker of one's attributes, such as social status, wealth, religion, age, marital status, and position.

Hairstyles with African braids

African hair braiding is very versatile and many types of braids can be done. There are micro braids, cornrows, fishtail braids, block braids, braided buns, twist braids, tree braids, hair ties, French braids and more that are at your disposal. Once you choose your desired braiding style you can mold your braids into beautiful hairstyles for both everyday and special events as well. Here we leave you a selection of hairstyles with African braids most wonderful that can exist.

This spectacular double braid is given a special touch by color and is complemented by side braid braids.

African braids can take a variety of different forms. It can be a full head of tiny braids or a chunky halo braid that gracefully wraps and frames your face.

Traditional braids go from the forehead to the nape of the neck, but if you have shorter hair and want some volume on top of your head, reverse them.

Braided bob cuts are simple yet very stylish.

Long braided hair is a signature look for black girls and women. Colour, size and design come in a dazzling variety and this is a great example.

The rows are cute in geometric patterns, highlighting the skill and artistry that goes into crafting these hairstyles. Chunky weave braiding on top can be achieved with natural hair or extensions.

This Empire-inspired faux hawk takes braided hair to the next level in its execution, intricacy, and literal height. It features various braiding styles, with naturally braided hair along the sides and back.

Various hair braiding patterns are showcased in this hairstyle, all revealing why the braid can be a work of art.

One of the reasons black women turn to braids is because they are so versatile. LBraids work as stunning hairstyles with natural hair and weaves or extensions.

This hairstyle is great and combine it with Bantu knots on top and flirty makeup for an eye-catching look.

Don't get stuck in a rut with the same braided hairstyles. Try a voluminous loose braided bun for an eclectic twist.

You don't have to wear a fully braided style to get the effect. This style works well with short to medium hair as it doesn't require a lot of length to complete it.

One of the most classic braid styles is the straight back. To add a softer touch, ask for curvy parts to create a wavy look.

Outside of the added length and thickness, adding hair also provides the ability to experiment with color. Weaving in a few strands of hair for a pop of color like the purple shown here will give you cute braids with a highlighted effect.

Braided hairstyles are quite common among modern women, especially traditional styles like braids. One of the easiest ways to make a standard style look fresh and new is by changing the size of your braids and experimenting with parting.

African American braided hairstyles are an opportunity to get creative. It's unexpected, it's cool, and it gives the classic box braid a totally fresh feel.

A French braid goes from sweet to sassy the bigger it gets, and this style brings a heavy dose of the latter. Try a giant braid for an upcoming weekend.

For something super stylish and edgy, go with vertical braids. Make the braids into a ponytail or bun.

One of the best things about wearing braids is the ability to create patterns in the hair or use color.

Thick braids are too overwhelming for you, there is nothing wrong with getting thinner braids.

Add some whimsy to your locks with curvy Ghana braids. The subtle swirl of the braids is mesmerizing and makes this so much more than your average bun. It is a beautiful hairstyle for those who are looking for something daring.

Braided hairstyles for black women are very creative and versatile. Mixing cornrows and loose box braids is just one way to show this off.

Something about wearing your hair up lends itself to a polished look and feel. This flat braid style uses texture to make the bun more unique and unexpected.

Wrap your Ghana braids into a bun to switch things up. Ghana braids are wonderfully thick, which will give you a full and eye-catching bun.

All-over braids can be fun, but sometimes you want something simpler and more elegant, like this low braided bun with two braids and a curved part. .

I hope you liked all the ideas of hairstyles with African braids that we give you in this blog so great…

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