The best ideas, dyes and hairstyles

In this post we bring you beautiful ideas so you can dye your hair violet or purple ūüíú. We also tell you what shades favor you according to your skin type. Finally we show you different hairstyles that you can do with this color.

Violet shades for hair

if you're thinking about dye your hair purple and you don't know which tone to use here are some tips. First, if your skin is warm, we recommend intermediate shades, that is to say that they are not too strong but not extremely soft either. Colors that are too light can take the shine out of your hair, and shades that are too dark can dull the beauty of your face. However, in some skins they can look very good, especially in brown skins, where the contrast of the dark purple is not so great.

Secondly, lighter shades are recommended for cooler skin. Dark colors will make your skin whiter, favoring the appearance of blemishes and dark circles on your skin, so a light color that brings a lot of light to your face is preferable.

How to dye purple?

Well this is actually very simple, because it is the same as with any other type of tinctures. The same process is followed and finally the color you want is placed. Note that the lighter you want the color, the deeper the discoloration you should do.

If you want to dye your hair purple but don't want it to be all one color, you can go for highlights or even balayage.For this type of special work we recommend that you go to a hairdresser. You can also play with color and have one part of your head dyed while the other is not, choose only locks, among many possibilities.

Another thing to keep in mind when dyeing yourself purple is that you should take care of your hair with different products, but it is still likely to turn pink after washing.

Violet dyed hair care

As we mentioned before, purple is like any other type of dye, so care after dyeing will be basically the same as for all dyed hair. That is why here we leave you some tips so you can take care of your hair that is dyed.

  1. Do not wash it every day, the excess of water and shampoo removes from your hair the natural oils that are produced and that give your hair a healthy appearance and shine.
  2. Use a violet or nuanced shampoo. This type of shampoo helps keep the color vivid and thus prevents the color from washing out quickly. Shampoos free of sodium sulfate are also recommended, since this ingredient accelerates the discoloration process
  3. Perform a nutrition once a week, for this you can buy a cream that nourishes and hydrates your hair and you will easily see that you get results.
  4. Do not tie it with rubber bands that cut your hair, use soft, stuffed hair ties or other materials that do not cut and do not wear it excessively stretched.
  5. Protect your hair from heat, that is, avoid using hair straighteners and hair dryers. These damage your hair, so choose to dry your hair naturally, it will thank you.

Violet Hair Ideas

In this section we leave you beautiful ideas so you can have your hair purple. You will see that there are different cuts and hairstyles just like multiple shades. So you can easily see which one will be the best for you of all these.

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