The best ideas, dyes and hairstyles

On this occasion we have the pleasure of presenting beautiful ideas for you to dye your hair green. there are so many shades of this particular color, so we give you some pretty ideas so you can play and experience that this color. Finally, we leave you beautiful hairstyles with green hair so you can see that they look great.

Green shades for hair

exist many shades of this vibrant and eye-catching colorhowever, the use of fluorine green hair has been popularized apart from the famous singer Billie Elish. This famous really marked trendmaking this color one of the most chosen in the young age groups.

The green color is one of the striking ones, so you must feel comfortable to be able to wear it in the best way. As they are very particular colors there is no specific rule, however it is likely that people with darker complexion The strongest, darkest greens suit him very well, since they do not generate as much contrast. In people with a lighter complexion We recommend softer and brighter colors that add luminosity to the face. In the neutral skins, where the complexion is neither cold nor warm, all colors can be worn and all will suit you. Remember that this is not a fixed rule, so you can look great in other tones that are not mentioned here.

How to dye purple?

This is very easy because works like all tinctures, you choose the color you want, prepare the mixture and apply it to the hair. In case you want a lighter color you will have to bleach and that will depend on the clarity you want to give your hair.

If you are not sure how this color will suit you, you can choose to dye only part of the hair, for example a lock, bangs, highlights, among other options. For this we recommend that you ask a professional for help and if that is not possible, someone else who can help you achieve a better finish.

green hair care

Like all dyed hair, green too will need extra care, since in bleaching especially many natural components are removed that will no longer be produced by the hair fiber, so it is necessary to take care of it from the outside. Here are some tips.

  • Do not wash it every day and when you do, apply the shampoo with hot water, as this helps to open the pores, then apply the conditioner with cold water, since it closes the pores and seals them.
  • Use color shampoo without sodium sulfate, the former will help you maintain the color by preventing it from fading with washing, the latter will have a similar result.
  • Avoid the heat of the iron and the hair dryer.

Green hair ideas and hairstyles

In this section we show you beautiful green dyed hair ideasyou will find all the shades of green, all the cuts, the shades of complexion, as well as beautiful hairstyles that will allow you to see how green hair looks.

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